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How to Create Store/Units on Wooqer?

A user with producer and user creation rights can create Stores/Units on Wooqer using the Web Platform for their organization.

Follow the below mentioned and also refer to the screenshot to understand how this function works

1.Log in to Wooqer by entering your Username & Password, you will be directed to the homepage. Click on Go to producer view Store1.png

2.On the producer screen, go to Manage and click on Stores.Store2.png

3.Click on Add New tab on the top right side of the page.Store3.png

4.You will then be landed to a pop-up window where you will be requested to enter the fields. The files marked in “*” are mandatory to fill. Store4.png

5.User needs to update the following details in this page and click on Create Store.

  • Name : The user needs to enter the Store name as per the nomenclature followed
  • Address : The user needs to enter the address of the Store
  • Area : The user needs to enter the area of the Store
  • Country : The user needs to enter the country name in which the store is located
  • State : The user needs to enter the state the store is located
  • City : The user needs to enter the city the store is located
  • Zip : Pin code of the store needs to be updated
  • Geo location : Lat/ Long of the store needs to be updated
  • Phone : Enter the store landline number
  • Fax : Enter the store fax number
  • Mobile : Enter the store manager mobile number
  • Email : Enter the store email id
  • Key Contact : Enter the store manager name
  • Store Id : Enter the store Id

6. You will then be landed to a pop-up window where you will be asked whether to add users to store or close.Store5.png

Updation of Store/Unit's information

Producers can also update store/unit's information such as the following:

1. Updating Store/Unit Name 2. Updating the Address 3. Attaching a Geo-Location to the store/unit 4. Store Mobile Number & Email ID Updation 5. Updating the Key Contact etc

To make this changes, the producer will need to search the store's name and click on the edit option present against the store as shown below.Edit Store.JPG

Deactivate Store/Unit on Wooqer In case, a store/unit which is part of Wooqer is out of the business and has been closed due to various reasons. The store can be deactivated from Wooqer by following one single step as mentioned in the below screenshot.800ox