Getting "Sorry! we lost you" message

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The following are some of the reasons why the users might get this error while logging into the PI.

1.Clicking on the Login button multiple times.

2.Clicking on the Back button in the browser when the login page is loading.

3.If the URL address is bookmarked which is already expired.

4.If the site is blocked in the user's network.

In such situations, users need to check the following points.

1.Type the URL inside the box provided on the page and then click on the GO button.

2.In case you keep getting the same screen repeatedly, go to the Settings of the browser and clear the cache files. Re-open the browser and then type in the URL for example "".

3. If the issue still persists, users need to contact their IT and check whether the URL is blocked due to some firewall/proxy settings. For the IP details, users can reach out to the Customer Experience Team (