How to download the app on your iPad device

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The current iPad version of the app available on the App store is a beta version and is still under development.

  • For user's who wish to access the application on their respective iPad, will have to follow the below mentioned steps and refer to the screenshots.

1. Access the App store on your iPad( If you do not have access to the App store, then connect with your IT and share the above link in the Search box)

2. Search for Wooqer on the search option in the App store- You will find the below 2 App for Wooqer.


3. Click on Filter and select the Support option.


4. A drop down will appear with two options, select iPhone only option.


5. Download the app with following logo (White in Pink)



6. Once the app is downloaded, open the app and the below screen will appear. Type in your credentials and login.