How to reset your password

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Users can reset their account passwords easily by following the below steps via Mobile Application and Web browser.

Before requesting for a password reset, ensure that you have the prerequisites in place

  • Knowledge of the Login ID which either could be Mobile Number or Email ID.
  • Access to the Email ID or Mobile Number.

How to change password via Mobile Application? Open the Mobile Application of Wooqer,

  • Step 1 : Type in your Username (email Id/mobile number) and click on forgot password in case you are unsure of the passwordMobile Password.png
  • Step 2 : Enter your login Id and click on Next to get a verification codeMobile Password1.png
  • Step 3 : Enter the code received in your Id (Email/Phone number) and click On Verify Code.Mobile Password2.png
  • Step 4 : Enter the new password twice and click on change password by adhering to the guidelines of setting up a password which are:Mobile Password3.png

1.Your password should be 8-16 characters long 2.At least 1 letter should be in lower case 3.At least 1 letter should be in upper case 4.At least 1 special character (!@#$%^&*)

How to Change Password via Web Browser?

  • Step 1 : Type in the client URL( on the browser and hit enter. You will be directed to the below page.Web Password.JPG
  • Step 2 : Type in your Username(Email ID/Mobile Number) and click on forgot password in case you are unsure of the password. Web Password1.JPG
  • Step 3 : Enter your username(Email ID/Mobile Number) and click Next.Web Password2.JPG
  • Step 4 : A verification code will be sent to your Email ID/ Mobile Number. Enter the verification code and hit Next. You will then be routed to update your new password. Web Password3.JPG
  • Step 5 : Enter your new password and re-enter again for confirmation and click Next.Web Password4.JPG
  • Step 6 : Sign in to your account with your Login ID and updated passwordWeb Password5.JPG

Note: When your Login ID is Mobile Number, ensure to add the country code to which the Mobile Number belongs to

Once you have logged in and found any personal info related issues refer Personal Information Updation