How to upload Homepage & Background in a PI

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A producer can change or update Homepage & Background of their respective Private Internet(Wooqer).

To upload a new Homepage, user would be required to follow the below steps.

  • Go to Manage PI> Homepage section in Producer view.


  • There the users will be able to see two options. One is Homepage Content and another is Background Content.


  • If the user wants to change the Homepage, he/she needs to click on Change Content button below Homepage Content .


  • Then select the file from the computer and click on Update to start the upload. It might take few seconds for the file to get successfully uploaded depending on its size and the Internet connection.


  • If the user want to change the Background of the PI, he/she needs to click on Change Content button under Background Content.


  • Then they can select the file from the computer by clicking on Choose File and click on Update to start the upload.

Bg&hp6.png Bg&hp7.png


If user faces with any issue in uploading a video in the Retrospective, then they can be resolved through checking the following points.

  • If the user is getting an error that says "Upload Failed", this can be an Internet connection related issue. In such case, the user needs to connect the system to a different Internet connection and re-upload the video.
  • If user wants to upload an already existing chapter in the Retro and is not able to find it in the list, it is possible that the particular chapter is either not present or inactive on the PI. Hence, he/she will have to go to All Chapters section and check the same.


  • The size of the file should not exceed 500MB.
  • Wooqer supports the following file format: JPG, JPEG, PNG