How to upload a new logo in the PI

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On Wooqer, we provide businesses to distinguish themselves by providing them by adding their company logo on their respective Private Internet.

How to set up your own Business Logo on Wooqer?

Any Producer can upload the logo of their respective Private Internet(Wooqer). In order to do this, users need to login to the below URL link and follow the mentioned steps.

URL: {abc = name of the PI}

1. After logging into the PI, click on Upload Logo and select the file from your computer.


2. Then click on the Save Logo Anyway to upload the logo.



User might face with the few challenges while uploading the new logo. Sometimes after selecting the file, Save Logo Anyway button does not appear on the next screen. This could happen for following reasons :


1. Name of the file : If the name has symbols/special characters/numbers in it, users might face with this kind of issue. In such case, they just need to rename the file with a simpler name and then re-upload it.

2. Size of the file : Another reason could the size of the file. Sometimes when the file is too large, platform shows such issue. In such case, users need to upload a compressed version of the file which would resolve the issue.

Limitations to updating the Logo

  • The size of the file should not exceed 500MB.
  • Wooqer supports the following file format: JPG, JPEG, PNG