Master Child Process

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Master Child Process

What is a Master Child Process?

As the name indicates in such process there exists a Master process and n number of child process which will be managed by the Master.

When to use Master Child Process?

Most often every project is an amalgamation of many tasks. These tasks could be stand alone tasks or with dependencies on other tasks. The progress of all these are to be tracked centrally to drive completion of the project on time. For such instances, Master Child Processes can be used


Break up the tasks based on the flow of execution. Understand the dependencies between tasks. Capture the flow of execution using a flow chart. Create flowchart using the following steps:

  • Number of boxes of flow chart = Number of phases / stages
  • Each box is a stage or step and translates to a child process.

Formulate a table that will provide more details regarding the tasks such as the owner of the individual tasks, time allotted for execution of each task etc.

Once the conceptualisation of project execution on Wooqer is complete, move to implementation.


Implementation of master child process follows certain rules:

  • The child processes are created first
  • All child processes have same coverage and periodicity
  • In the child processes identify opportunities where “RA” rule can be applied.
  • All tasks in a child are Level 1 tasks, ie “Requires Action” tasks
  • Last task of child process is the closure task + milestone (ie if any other child process is dependent on this task). The milestone task is a multiple choice question with only one choice.
  • None of the child processes are multiple record enabled (Master Child processes do not work on multiple record concept)
  • After the creation of all child processes, Master process is created.
  • For master process choose coverage as process, and select all child processes. The periodicity of the master will be as that of the child processes.
  • On the master process, click on manage master to set dependencies among child processes.
  • Activate master and child processes. Assignee assigned to Master process will also be assigned to all the child process.

In case of Master Child process the coverage type will be Process. When this is selected a list of process will be shown out of which the desired processes can be selected. Once a child is locked to one master process then this cannot be used as a child in another Master process. For all the child process included under the Master Assign/Share will be disabled.

Steps to create a Master-Child Process – Producer Side

  • Create child processes i.e normal process creation flow which can be of any coverage type. All the child process that are being create should be of the same coverage.
  • In the process build screen add the relevant questions and set all the questions as Level 1 and higher.
  • Create the Master by selecting Process as coverage type followed by the coverage of the master process to be the same coverage type as of the child created.
  • Add necessary questions to the Master as well. All the questions should be L0.
  • Now Assign the Master process to user A. Automatically in assigned user’s ToDo the child process will also be shown.

Problem Statement

ABC Retail, India wants to expand their retail presence by opening 15 new stores across Tier 1 cities over the next 6 months. Pranav, the head of operations, is tasked with managing and tracking the rollout plan. Each store should be opened in 90 days post approval of property and legal agreement, managed by the Real Estate Team. The Construction Team will take over post approval and complete the site within 45 days, in parallel, the Electrical Team should complete the fittings in the same time. After this, the Interior Designing team will complete the interiors by the 70th day. The HR team should begin hiring process after construction is over and complete it by the 60th day and also complete Training them by 75th day. After HR team has finished hiring, the Legal Team will apply for compliance documents and is supposed to get them by 80th day. There has to be a due diligence done on the 85th day to verify the tasks done by Interior Designing Team, HR Team and the Legal Team by Pranav. Once due diligence is completed successfully the Stock team has till the 89th day to deliver and place the products so that the store is ready to be opened on the 90th day. Can wooqer help Pranav track the new store opening plan along with its various stakeholders for all the stores?