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Businesses these days use a wide range of office solutions to complete their daily tasks and reach goals and promote the use of advent technology which makes our lives easier.

Wooqer has incorporated certain essential tools such as slides and excels.

Powerpoint(in layman terms-Presentation slides) is a very useful tool which helps you summarize and beautify the tasks handed over to you by the top level.

In the retail world, the powerpoint feature is widely used in the process of Visual Merchandising (For more info on VM, refer to the link)

Here is how you can use the PPT Export feature on the Wooqer Platform:

(This is an optional feature which can only be enabled/disabled for desired Private Internet only)

Export various types of process which contain attachments in PPTx format

  • The following feature can be found in the Reports[[1]] Of the platform with the following icon.

Once you access the process which contains attachments Click on Search Data and on the top right corner next to Excel Export Icon, you will find the attachment download option wherein the attachments will be exported along with the questions in the form of a PPT

  • The following feature is available all types of processes.
  • The user can generate the ppt report for all/any of the filters available in search data.

The PPT will contain the following:

1. Firstly, for every report, there will be a cover slide which has the

            1)Evaluation name
            2)Evaluation Objective
            3)Number of Records
            4)Number of Questions

2. Then for every record, there will be a cover slide which has the

            1)Reference-id of the record
            2)Coverage name
            3)Report date

3. The images will appear in Landscape mode


  • In each slide, there will be only two attachments max
  • If there are more than 2 images then it will be continued in the next slide with question and answer.
  • Doc/Audio/Video files are not displayed in the ppt report
  • Rating Type questions image attachment will not be exported to PPT as of this release due to the difference in the Architecture.
  • Only 2 Images per slide and that too in the landscape will be supported. Portrait images will be displayed but the quality might get distorted.


  • If a file is too large to download then Instead of file download - an email/in-app notification will be sent to the following user.