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When a user resets their password using the steps on How to reset your password.

A verification code is sent to the user’s email-ID or to the mobile number via SMS.(This would vary with regard to the user's login type)

Email :

Generally, this must appear in the primary mailbox or updates section of the mail. If it does not appear here, do not panic. Please follow the below steps:

• Check the other labels of your mail. • Check the Spam folder.

Even after following the above steps, you are not able to find the contact, kindly reach out to your internal IT team and find out whether the server has blocked the mail from our mail server.


For mobile type login, users shall receive the OTP via SMS in their message Inbox. If it does not appear in the Inbox, please check the following points :

• Check the Network connection. • Check the storage space of the message Inbox.

If not, please write to Wooqer's Customer Experience Team at