Bulk User Assign and Share Feature

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Bulk User Assign and Share Feature

Producers can now use the following feature to achieve assigning and sharing of a process on a bulk level.

This is how one can achieve the following task

1. Producers will need to login to the portal with their given Wooqer credentials. Upon logging into the portal

2. Access the producer view (Refer to the screenshot to understand how to access producer view) Access Producer View.png

3. Once redirected to the producer view layout, select Content and then Process

4. After selecting Process, select the process name for which you wish to do a bulk assign/share.

5. Along the name of the process name, you will see an add user icon, click on the icon. Step1 bulkassignment.png

6. Upon clicking on the following icon, you will be redirected to another page.

7. Select the bulk assignment & share icon present on the top corner of the layout. Step2 bulkassignment.png

8. A pop-up will emerge, kindly download the Download Bulk Assignment/Sharing Excel Template highlighted in pink. Step3 bulkassignment.png

Producer View → Content → Process → Process Name→ click on add icon → Download Bulk Assignment/Sharing Excel Template

The template once downloaded will have the below information

  • If it's a new process, it will have the current user's information pre-populated just to make sure that the end user is able to understand the template.

Step4 bulkassignment.png

  • If it's an old process, it will have the details of the users with whom the process is currently shared/assigned. You can edit the template and make the necessary changes as required.

9. On the pop-up, you will find an option of choose file, select the option and choose the file Step5 bulkassignment.png

10. Click on the submit button once the file is uploaded Step6 bulkassignment.png

NOTE:- The challenge here is to get the list of user IDs to whom the process needs to be shared. The alternative is the get the list of users from Producer View → Manage PI → Users → Bulk User Upload → Existing user template download.


What happens in a case rights are missing • Report sharing rights / Report viewing rights → The result of the upload will clearly mention this error, however, the assignment will always be done.

Working details of the feature • Remove all → this will remove all the current assignments if any and replace it with the new values which have been uploaded. • In this case, the un-assignment happens immediately but it takes time for the new assignment to reflect. Basically, there is a time gap between un-assignment and assignment to get completed

Limitations to the feature:

1. This feature is only supported/can be used to following types of processes.

  • Audit
  • Data Collection
  • Checklist

2. One cannot use this feature for Assessment type of processes

3. This feature is limited to the following type of coverage

  • Users
  • Units / Stores / ATMs etc.
  • Others as coverage / Resource as others.

4. One cannot assign it to the following coverages

  • Cities
  • Resources created using stores, units, users & resources.

5. Data in the template is case insensitive for assign & share values, however, it's not tested for assignee name, currently, assignee name should be in small case only.