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Role Locking- User as a coverage

Problem Statement

An organization undergoes various changes all around the year such as one of the following- Employees do not remain constant, they are either promoted to a different role or move out of the organization for a better opportunity etc. In a situation like this, it becomes a task for the organization to handover the existing user's tasks to an individual who has filled in the position.


On Wooqer, when the above situation arises existing tasks mapped to the user's role are directly handed over to the new user who has filled in the position.

We can ensure this happens when the coverage for a process has been set as Users and an option in the process properties has been selected which appears only when the coverage is Users.


  • The option "Select Roles to Lock" is selected and a set of roles are selected to be added into a process.Lock.png
  • Once this is done, any new user added mapped to those roles will be automatically added to the coverage of the process.
  • Using this option, the process will also be automatically assigned and shared to the user for their location once the below checkbox has also been selected. Lock 3.png

Auto Assign- Stores/Units as coverage

Problem Statement

What if the processes coverage is Store/Unit and you want to assign/share the process to the role?


On Wooqer, one can assign/share the process to the role and lock the role when the process is coverage.

Kindly follow the below steps to achieve the following:

Content->Process->Search for the name of the Process

  • Click on the below icon

Auto Assign.png

  • You will be redirected to a different page where in you select the following option

Auto Assign 1.png

  • A small pop-up appears wherein you will select the highlighted option-Auto Assign

Auto Assign 2.png

  • You will further be redirected to the below page where you can choose the desired role you wish to Assign/Share

Auto Assign 3.JPG

  • After this step, any new/existing user mapped to the assigned/share role will directly be assigned and shared to their respective coverage.

Note: Do make sure that the store/units are added into the coverage of the process.