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To update details in existing user IDs, Producers will have to follow the below steps :

1. Click on Existing Users and download the template.


2. All the details of the users will be pre-populated in the downloaded sheet. Producers only need to update the details where they want to make the changes. For examples, if they want to change the email ID of few users, they will have to remove the currently updated email IDs against those few particular users and fill the cells with the new email IDs.

3. After making the necessary changes (mandatory and non-mandatory), they can upload the file by clicking on Choose File button.


Once the file is successfully uploaded, a unique ID is generated. This is used as a reference ID for the status of the upload. The time taken for the system to process the data is between 4 to 12 hours.

* Limitations :

1. Only ‘.xls’ and ‘.xlsx’ files are accepted for data processing.

2. Columns, as given in the template must be in the exact order. The system does not reject those that have different headers, but interprets them differently.

3. Any formatting done to the sheets / cells can lead to misinterpretation of data.

4. All sheets of the files are taken into consideration for data upload.

5. Any cell going out of bounds (in terms of character limits) will still be taken as input by the system, but the characters accepted will stop at the character limit of the attribute.

6. Maximum number of rows that can be processed at a time is 2000. Any file containing more than 2000 lines, will only retain the first 2000 lines (including the header).